Paolo Pompei’s work seems to me a sort of crossing the territories of art, for the ability that he has to mark with his style surfaces, shapes and art work his contemporary sculpture proves to be the result of careful research and synthesis of knowledge in the field of the art. His “quid” creative, is the equilibrium of forms, due to the combination of different materials and processed to obtain painterly, in his pursuit of chromatic relations, highlighted by strong combinations of materials burned, aged, as opposed to something else, in its ability to find integrated solutions, seemingly informal.
Forms that recall the past, the origins of life
and hence by the hands of Paul Pompei you create pyramids pointing upwards
or balls or still cubes, perfect geometric forms furrowed by deep fissures
which give them a meaning dark and eerie, esoteric,
as if the artist wants to go inside these forms to find and communicate to anyone observing
their most intimate truth
forms which are open toward the world, which by their furrows evolve energy
forms which find their own lives in the field and in the color
because it is precisely the vital breath which can be perceived in the sculptures of Paul Pompei
that animates the different materials which merges into a single essence
is the rediscovery of If their own Io is the analysis of our existence
of the past and present of the nature and the life that is manifested in the field.


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